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Gospel Music  has been one of the vehicles used to spread the Good News  around the world about Jesus Christ.  The Gospel Industry Network was established in 2019 to cultivate the mastery, appreciation and advancement of the contribution of Gospel music and the arts to the industry — from the expressive and skilled veterans of the past to the still unimagined creative breakthroughs of ensuing generations of music professionals. 

Bishop Kenneth Wells founder and CEO says, “This new platform will give unheard voices who work diligently behind the scenes an opportunity to finally be heard. The G.I.N. membership roster includes Radio, Television, Film, Record Labels, Music Executives, Songwriters, Artists, Pastors, Business Owners, Promoters, Publicists,  Bloggers, Influencers, Print Media, Business Professionals, Worship Leaders, Choir Members, Choir Directors and others. “

The East Texas Affiliate was established in February of 2020 but because of the pandemic did not begin to function until March of 2021.  The representative and   president from this area is Milton Wallace of Chandler, Texas.  The 1st Vice President is Kyle Collins of Tyler, Texas.

The mission of the East Texas Affiliate is to provide education concerning the gospel music industry,  networking opportunities for members within the group as well as worldwide and platforms where members can showcase their  talents and skills.

The East Texas Affiliate of the Gospel Industry Network is ready to open the door to opportunity but we have one thing missing, that is YOU!  Join us as we take the industry to a higher level while glorifying God.


The membership to the Gospel Industry Network of East Texas is open to all that love or support gospel music.  Membership is  established by completing an application and the   payment of dues based on your level of involvement.

Benefits of the
East Texas Gospel Music Professionals

The benefits of being a member of the East Texas Gospel Music Professionals  are numerous but here are  a few to consider:

  .Connection with a national organization that promotes God and gospel music

   .Opportunities to learn about the latest in Gospel Music around the country and the world.

    .Networking  opportunities with the movers and shakers in the gospel industry in your

       area , region, state, nation and international

    .Opportunities to be apart of showcases and events at the local, national and international


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