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                           Senior Citizen Care

The mission of the Senior Citizen Care is to make sure that the needs of our Golden Warriors in the church and in the community are met.

Ministry Leader:  



                           Nursing Ministry


The purpose of the Nurse's Ministry is to provide a caring presence, a listening ear and spiritual support to the congregation. In addition, the nurse's ministry acts as an auxiliary to the Pastor in various capacities during regular and special services.  Our purpose is to reflect God's love through professional and personal caring as a fulfillment of the Biblical mandate set by the precedence of the ministry of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


 Role of the Church Nurse:

  • The church nurse minister to those in need of medical assistance.

  • The church nurse is one who does not discriminate or select those whom he/she will serve.

  • The church nurse shows his/her image of God through serving God's people, wherever/whenever needed.

  • The church nurse deals with the holistic situation, the person and the problem, knows what to do as well as what not to do.

  • The church nurse studies the Bible regularly and prays constantly.

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