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Calendar of Events for the week are listed below along with other significant activities and events.



10 am Sunday School
11 am Morning Worship




7 pm Mission and Men's Ministry



7 pm  Bible Study

Macedonia BC works with Senior Citizens


Members of the Senior Citizens Committee fellowship with members of the Silver Leaf Senior Citizen Community every other Tuesday at 2pm.  They call the bingo games and provide prizes the winners.  They also  discuss world topics.

Macedonia BC collects can goods for families for holidays


Each October and November, the Macedonia Baptist Church collects can goods for needy families in our community.  A drive by the church is sponsored. Some of the cans are given to families at Thanksgiving and Christmas along with turkeys or hams.  The remainder are given to local help group: God's Open Hands.


Below is a list of events that will be held at Macedonia Baptist Church or Macedonia Baptist Church is participating in.

Senior Saints Celebration--Nov. 29th

Macedonia takes time out each year to recognize their senior citizens.  This includes are members and attendees 62 and older.  The celebration is held during the morning worship.  Family and friends are invited to part of the event.

Time:  11 am

Choir Appreciation Day--Dec. 6th

The Choir Annual Appreciation Day is scheduled for December 6th at 3 pm. 

Rev. Lawrence Brown, Pastor of Rising Star Baptist Church of Grapeland, Texas will be the speaker.  Rev. Brown is the former minister of Macedonia Baptist Church.

Time:  3 pm

Church Christmas Party--Dec. 19th

Members of Macedoinia Baptist Church get together to celebrate the holidays at the annual Christmas party. Games are played and gifts are exchanged and festive foods are served.  At the end of the event, the children are taken to view the lights in surrounding communities.

Time:  2 pm

Men on the Move Delivers Dinners--Dec. 21


The men's ministry will deliver dinners to needy families in the local communities for the holidays.



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