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The History of Macedonia Baptist Church


Macedonia Baptist Church was organized in the early 1900’s. It was not recorded for records until January 1903. The first Church may have been located under an arbor. It was started by a concerned group of men and women who were Christians. Before the Church was started, men and women traveled to Redland for services. This traveling was hard because of the distance and the travel by wagons and horseback trying to get to God’s house. Someone had a dream to build a church. Out of that dream came the name, “Macedonia Baptist Church.” This church was born out of the County Line Baptist Church which is our mother Church.


In 1900 or 1902 land was purchased for the new church from William (Bill) and Eliza Jane Warf, which was one acre at the cost of $750.


The trustees were J.B. Thomas and Mark Wallace. It was recorded for official records on January 16, 1903. It was located north of the present location on Farm to Market Road 2010. It was near the home of the late Tom and Hattie Mae Banks, where it remained some twenty years. The church was on the first floor, the Masonic Hall on the second floor. The school was nearby and there was a store up the road, not far from the church building near Edgar Street.


In the 1960’s, the building was renovated and bathrooms were put on the front of the building and no longer were outhouses needed. May 1972, the building was totally redone and bricked for the first time. A kitchen and dining area was added a few years later. In 2000, an update to the building was done. In 2008, the roof had to be redone and readjusted.


The big day at Macedonia is always the 1st Sunday in August when the annual revival begins. It begins that Sunday and continues throughout the week. Family members come from all over to country to be in attendance for this great event. Over the years, the big day has brought in guest churches and ministers from all over Texas. In the late 60’s and early 70’s, churches from Dallas, Texas would be the guest for the 3 p.m. service and people would come from surrounding communities just to hear the word and catch the latest songs.


While it is certain that we do not know all deacons and all pastors, we do know that Bill Warf was one of the first deacons. We also know Reverend Jeff Brown was pasturing when the church was moved to the present location. Land was traded by John Thomas and Bill Warf.




Pastors were:

Reverend Jeff Brown

Reverend E.O. Adams

Reverend Calvin Smith

Reverend W.R. Neill

Reverend Bob Lyons

Reverend Shelton

Reverend D. Burr

Reverend Shaw

Reverend F. Forsom

Reverend Jake Johnson

Reverend English

Reverend Jordan

Reverend C.A. Harris

Reverend J.H. Williams

Reverend Billy Delaney

Reverend H.L. Wallace 1964--1991

Reverend Lawrence Brown   1991—2001

Reverend Lexian Moore            2001—2008

Reverend Carl George   2009---Present


Some of the deacons that served the church are


William ( Bill ) Warf                 Sam Wallace                 Jim Cain

Dan Tillman                               John Frater                Daniel Brown

Jim Frater                               Harvey Alexander        Albert Wallace

Matthew Wallace                    Ruby Hill                        Joe Wallace

Willie Isaac Williams              Ralph Phillips              Bishop Beasley

William Mosley                        Chester Beasley           Obie Williams

Matthew Wallace (June)        John Milton Wallace   David Thomas

Spencer Montgomery             Kenneth Johnson              Earl Tilley

Freddie Neal                           Carl Johnson                 F.B. Johnson


Some of the secretaries that served the church are:


Henry Hart                              Sam McDonald              John Frater

Bud Montgomery                    Jim Cain                 Matthew Wallace

Ralph Phillips                          Beatrice Wallace      Oscar Diggins Jr.

Lola Bell Dewberry                 Sherry Neal                 Delores Beasley


Some of the Announcement Clerks are:


Jeweline Johnson                  Treolia Gross      Louquender Robbins




Some of the groundskeepers have been:


Chester Beasley                     Freddy Neal


Some of the janitors have been:


Robert Poe                              Chester Beasley         Willie C. Beasley

John Wallace                          Earl Tilley


Some of the Church Treasurers have been:


Bud Montgomery                    C.B. Phillips                Chester Beasley

Vessie Lee Johnson (S. School)         Carl Johnson         John Wallace



Some of the Sunday School Teachers have been:


John Thomas                          Ruby Hill                        John Frater

John B. Thomas                      Matthew Wallace          Sam Wallace

Alice Wallace                          Diane Johnson         Kenneth Johnson

David Thomas                         John Wallace         Jeweline Johnson

Billy Beasley Jr.                     Lesley Beasley


Some of the Sunday School Secretaries have been:


Barbara Gossett                     Larry Johnson               Velma Beasley

Vernell Johnson                     Margaret Drawhorn      Eunice Hill

Patricia Montgomery              Alice Jane Burns    Wanda Hendricks

Delethia Beasley                    Gabrielle Johnson       Billy Beasley Jr.



Some of the Mission Department members have been:


Lonia Alexander                     Kittie Wallace           Beatrice Wallace

Emma Wallace                 Gertrude Wallace            Caroline Beasley

Alene Phillips                          Lola Bell Dewberry       Jeless Digins

Nola V. Beasley                      Vessie Lee Johnson      Tinie Lyda

Gussie Hill                              Daisy Phillips                Esther Griffins

Lizzie Thomas                   President Montgomery    Alice Wallace

Jeweline Johnson                  Bobbie Tilley                Delores Beasley

Sherri Neal                             Helen McCracklin      Thelma Wallace

Barbara Gossett                     Louquender Robbins


Some of the Usher members have been:


Alice Wallace                       Spencer Montgomery   Milton Wallace

Larry Johnson                    Hattie Mae Banks               Lois Beasley

Diane Johnson                     Kenneth Johnson             Rosie Beasley

Sherri Neal                           Bobbie Tilley                    Earl Tilley

Alicia Berry                           Shante Berry                 Nora Beasley

Delores Beasley                     Billy Beasley         Louquender Robbins



Some of the cafeteria staff have been:


Lola Dewberry                        Rosie Burns             Jeweline Johnson

Vessie Lee Johnson               Nola Beasley                 Delores Beasley

Thelma Wallace                      Lois Beasley                  Rosa Oliver

Rosie Beasley                         Diane Johnson         Kenneth Johnson

John Wallace                          Bobbie Tilley                 Sherri Neal

Shirley Moore                         Barbara Gossett





The main musicians for the choirs have been:


Thelma Wallace                      Bobbie Gossett


The Lord has blessed us and we have come from an arbor to a plank building, from lamps to electric lights from benches to cushioned pews; from outside restrooms to inside restrooms, plank floors to carpet and tile. We came from eating outside to a nice cafeteria. We came from no fans to air conditioning, from wood heaters to central heat, drinking fountains from a water jug; from a dirt walk to a concrete walk, from baptizing in a creek to an inside baptismal pool; from a frame building to a brick building, from no sound system to a P.A. System.


We have developed a Benevolence Fund and a Benevolent Committee. The Lord has made our Building Fund prosper and we have established a Building Project Committee who is right now in the midst of getting work done inside and out. The Lord has blessed our financial situation and we have a resurgence of the tribe leaders for financial goals.


In the 1990’s under the leadership of Reverend Brown and Brother Kenneth Johnson Sr., the church members attended their first church retreat in Athens, Texas. It was a spiritual blessing to the entire church.


The H.L. Wallace Youth Choir was established in the 1990’s. There was a youth choir back in the 1960’s and 70’s.


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