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                             Drill Team Ministry

The mission of the Drill Team Ministry is to creates and performs exciting verbal and physical rhythmic exercises, which are influenced by the call and response military cadence. Using Biblical themes and Scriptural references, this ministry promotes the spiritual growth of young cadets through physical and spiritual discipline. The ministry fosters an individual understanding of the Holy Scriptures, encourages academic excellence, develops leadership skills, increases self-esteem and ministers the Gospel inside and outside the walls of the church. The Macedonia Baptist Church  Drill Team is geared toward youngsters grades K - 12. 

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                                                           Men's Fellowship Ministry

The mission of the Men's Fellowship Ministry is to enrich the lives of men, support the mission of the church and vision of the Pastor. In doing so, men are taught that life under Jesus' Lordship involves:

--progressive learning,
--growth in Christ-likeness,
--application of Bibical truth to every area of life,
--responsibility for sharing the Christian faith,
--responsible church membership,
--redemptive ministry

The strength is in the men who have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, are committed to seeing the Kingdom of God established here on Earth and desire to provide a haven for the people of God to worship and praise.

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                                  Music Ministry

God created music to glorify HIMSELF and reflect not only HIS elegance and HIS majesty, but also HIS heart.  The mission of the music ministry is to point people to the living Word of God, Jesus Christ; to express the words of God found in the Bible; and to support the preaching and confessing of God's Word (in sermon and creed). Music in our services, whether sung by all or by a choir, whether sung or instrumental, is designed to direct to God the attention of all who participate and hear.

Choirs at Macedonia Baptist Church are:
            MBC Mass Choir

                   Male Chorus

                   Youth Choir

Ministry Leader: 
Music Directors:  Sis. Thelma Wallace and Sis Barbara Gossett

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